Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

August 24 + 25, 2021

The Box Blog

Meet the Box Sponsor INNCOM
by Olivia Rascoe
Our Box initiative, in partnership with Hilton and Hospitality Design, is rolling along towards HD Expo 2020 in May. This event will be the setting where Urban Robot Associates’ will reveal their winning guestroom of the future, showcasing innovative products from all of our sponsor brands, including this week’s feature brand, INNCOM.


INNCOM has more than 30 years’ experience in providing guestroom comfort control and energy management, and we’re thrilled to have them on board as part of this year’s Box program. We spoke with Maxwell Ziegler, Product Marketing Specialist, to learn more about their role in the initiative.


Why did INNCOM get involved with the Box challenge?

We’ve always had a strong relationship with Hilton, and we’ve been working closely with them recently on the Hilton Connected Room initiative. When we were presented with the opportunity to support this exciting design challenge, we were happy to get on board.


How does your product impact or integrate into Urban Robot Associates’ concept of the guestroom of the future?

We specialize in creating sustainable guestroom technology – specifically energy-saving thermostats, lighting controls, and a control software platform that uses guestroom data points to save even more heating and cooling energy. We offer a suite of products that make guestroom energy management easier like our e7 thermostat and EMS (energy management system) and our Modeva™ capacitive touch control switches, which offer elegant lighting control customization. These products can all be connected to our INNcontrol™ 5 energy management supervisor software to further reduce in-room energy consumption. INNCOM products are elegantly designed, easy to use and help improve a hotelier’s operating costs.


What can we expect from INNCOM in 2020?

We’ll continue to release updates to the INNcontrol 5 platform. We just launched Analytics and Portfolio-level Dashboards and will soon release Advanced Reporting, which will allow users greater access to the powerful data within their properties to streamline operational efficiencies. In addition, we’re adding a wireless, battery-powered version of our e7 thermostats that can mount almost anywhere without the need to run wires.


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