Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

August 24 + 25, 2021

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Meet the Box sponsor TINO Natural Stone
by Olivia Rascoe

When it comes to the surfaces in Urban Robot Associates’ Box build-out, TINO Natural Stone’s natural stone slabs set the foundation for the guestroom of the future. Read on for a quick interview with Andres Valdes, Sales & Product General Manager, for a peek into how Tino Stone got involved with the Box program and what’s next for the brand.


Why did TINO Natural Stone get involved with the Box challenge?
HD hit the spot, organizing a challenge with a format like the Box. It is a perfect tool to connect designers and suppliers in a very interactive way. Designers are forced to use materials and products in a very short time; thus, they have to be fast and creative, and we suppliers must support the whole process by offering them the perfect products that meet their design and technical requirements.


How does your product impact or integrate into Urban Robot Associates’ concept of the guestroom of the future?
With Stonesize we allowed Urban Robot to design a “box” that looks like a cave. Due to its lightness, we were able to clad the whole box interior with slabs of 3×1.5m of natural stone without any risk of breakage. The end result is a space fully covered by marble from floor to ceiling.


What can we expect from Tino Natural Stone in 2020?
Tino Natural Stone will keep striving for a constant spirit of innovation on its product lines. We have very high expectations for Stonesize – it’s a safe and comfortable technical solution for professionals.


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