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August 24 + 25, 2021
Design for Amtrends HD Expo Booth conveys “no boundaries for hospitality design”
by Laura Brauer

Design for Amtrends HD Expo Booth conveys “no boundaries for hospitality design”

DLR Group’s interior design studio delivers on a creative space promoting hospitality design beyond a hotel; the essence can be crafted anywhere.

 (April 29, 2018) — Hospitality design is limitless; there are no boundaries. When Amtrend presented DLR Group’s Hospitality interior design studio with the opportunity to design their 2018 HD Expo Booth #4744, the team was excited about the opportunity to partner with a company whose product bridges the gap between design and luxury. In the middle of winter, Senior Interior Designer Valentina Castellon led the DLR Group team to conceive the idea for a “no boundaries” inspired design: a waterborne space that would transport guests to a place where hospitality can go anywhere and be anything. Unbound luxury in unexpected places served as the impetus for the design and represents the hallmarks of Amtrend’s legacy of transportable luxury.

“Out of Office”

“Most people in the industry look forward to the HD Expo annual show as a place where creatives congregate to see new emerging products, meet with like minds and be inspired. This week is universally accepted in our industry as a week when people are ‘out of the office’ – it is almost a holiday in the hospitality industry and we felt this should be the name of the Amtrend’s booth,” said lead designer Castellon.  The design team studied luxury yachts, which have been using a boundless mentality and threading luxury into the root of design for years. To accommodate all personalities, DLR Group and Amtrend created different “zones” which enable visitors to address different needs: phone cubbies at the stern of the yacht, a central social zone which generates electrical power, and the more lounge-like setting at the bow which is for the individuals who want to be a part of the action while also having a place to rest.

Design Trends Featured in Amtrend Booth

There were several key design elements used in the creation of Amtrend’s booth. “The increasing number of micro hotels and hostels indicate a nomadic mindset disrupting the hotel industry. This inspired our logical and innovative use of small compact space. Where once there was high demand for expansive rooms, we now see an increasing desire for practical guestrooms and elevated public spaces,” Castellon explained.

DLR Group’s design uses primarily natural materials, “which always feel timeless,” said Castellon. The ‘hand’ of a product evokes luxury and great design, these characteristics become the trademark of the finished good. This is reflected in the quality of materials in the Amtrend booth.  “We wanted our booth to evoke a distinct look and feel with authentic materials contributing to luxury quality and genuine honesty in the space. In the pursuit of authenticity, we incorporated unique finishing and hand-crafted seating and case goods. We also will be showcasing an unbound mindset in our booth focused on flexibility, smart solutions and beauty.” said Shawn H. Malik, Vice President of Amtrend. DLR Group and Amtrend hope that this year’s booth (#4744) design partnership showcases their furniture manufacturing, seamless craftsmanship, and their passion to collaborate with the most creative hospitality designers in the industry.

About Amtrend

Amtrend is America’s leading case goods and upholstery manufacturer, driven by the highest standards of quality and style, with impeccable customer service and dedication to detail. Refined yet approachable, sophisticated yet practical, Amtrend creates products that meet the rigorous aesthetic and physical demands of the hospitality industry – all fully crafted in America. At its core is a proud 35 year legacy of delivering high levels of expertise, soundly-developed infrastructure and seasoned project management to fulfill any project on time, on budget, and to expectations.

About DLR Group
DLR Group is an integrated design firm delivering architecture, engineering, interiors, planning, and building optimization for new construction, renovation, and adaptive reuse. Our promise is to elevate the human experience through design. This promise inspires sustainable design for a diverse group of public and private sector clients, local communities, and our planet.



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