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August 24 + 25, 2021
Pendulux – home décor that’s both archaic & modern
by Laura Brauer


For Immediate Release – PenduluxTM is bringing a bit of history back to the modern day space with home décor which includes clocks, lamps, technology and desk accessories that seamlessly merge modern and industrial styles. The brand produces top-quality handcrafted décor that tell unique stories from another time as well as evoke destinations around the globe.

The cogs and gears that make up classic contraptions date back many decades and though they seem a bit old-fashioned, machine innovation never goes out of style. Pendulux has drawn inspiration from these mechanical instruments from a wide variety of time periods and places around the world to create their signature pieces.

Pendulux consists of a team of skilled craftsmen casting metal, polishing, finishing and installing mechanical components themselves – exquisite pieces are the end result with designs that have never been seen while simultaneously paying homage to the past.

In addition to lamps, wall as well as table clocks, Pendulux stays true to its masculine, iconic aesthetic with its collection of book ends, picture frames, phone and tablet stands that are engineered to look old-timey as they serve a modern purpose.

“The designs are simply intriguing,” said Ricardo Amaro, CEO of Pendulux. “Our premium products are designed with nostalgia in mind. Made in the present, it’s truly remarkable that they can provoke conversations about the past.”

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