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August 24 + 25, 2021
Hansgrohe heads to HD Expo with exciting new bath & shower ranges
by Laura Brauer


Introducing AXOR Uno, Raindance E, & More

(Alpharetta, GA – May 2018) Hansgrohe will launch a suite of hospitality-minded solutions from the hansgrohe and AXOR brands at HD EXPO, May 2-4 in booth 3336. A shower expert since 1901, Hansgrohe will revolutionize the experience with the launch of PowderRain technology, a sumptuous yet efficient micro fine shower spray integrated into Hansgrohe’s iconic Raindance range. There will also be new shower components on display in the new Raindance E collection, as well fittings from Hansgrohe’s Metropol range. From the AXOR brand, the striking new AXOR Uno line of faucets and tub fillers will make its US debut. AXOR Montreux products will also be on display. Attendees will see these new products in action, as the booth will feature several models within a working fountain of water.


“We are pleased to unveil several, new collections from both hansgrohe and AXOR brands at the show this year. The new lines are strong additions to our already robust offering of products. Whether it’s catering to the ‘bleisure’ (business leisure) traveler or meeting local building codes, we understand that specifiers have a lot of boxes to check when it comes to creating the perfect guest experience. We aim to do our part through our exceptional, German-engineered, US-assembled plumbing products,” comments Ryan Ramaker, Sr. Director of Marketing and Product Development.

New collections on display at HD Expo, by brand, will be:



Pipes, the oldest way of channeling water, define the new AXOR Uno collection–at the sink and at the bathtub. Created in collaboration with the Stuttgart-based Phoenix Design studio, AXOR Uno pursues the uncompromising design principles of the original Purist movement with consistent construction: two precisely shaped cylinders joined together at a right angle. The spouts and handles are gently rounded. The precise contours and the raised proportions in the golden ratio of the taps are their defining stylistic features, lending them a special aura and giving them a sleek and elegant look in any setting. Special surface finishes impart added radiance to the collection. The collection is available in chrome or brushed nickel. Also available in AXOR FinishPlus colors: brushed nickel, polished nickel, brushed gold optic, polished gold optic, brushed brass, polished brass, brushed red gold, polished red gold, brushed bronze, polished bronze, brushed black chrome, and polished black chrome. The lavatory faucets in the collection run at a rate of 1.2 GPM.



Developed in the R & D laboratory at the company’s headquarters in Germany, the innovative spray mode is characterized by a sumptuous yet efficient micro fine mist. It also delivers exceptional acoustic performance. The PowderRain spray mode will be available in a range of overhead and handheld showers in the US this fall, including the Raindance S 240 with PowderRain Showerhead, Raindance S 180 with PowderRain Showerhead, in addition to a Raindance Select S 120 with PowderRain Handshower.

PowderRain spray is much finer than conventional shower jets. Instead of only one spray outlet per nozzle, PowderRain spray has several fine openings. The droplets are so light that they fall gently on the skin without bouncing off. This automatically reduces splashing and retains warmth on the skin–a great advantage in open showers. The sprays are arranged more densely as well, which intensifies the effect. This translates to powerful performance, meaning shampoo and soap will be easily washed away making for an efficient shower experience. The Raindance S 180 P showerhead is available in either 1.8 GPM or 2.0 GPM versions, while the Raindance S 240 P has a flow rate of 2.0 GPM. To meet a wide range of environmental codes, as well as user preferences, the Raindance Select S 120 P Handshower is available in 1.8, 2.0, and 2.5 GPM versions. Available finishes include chrome and brushed nickel.

""Raindance E:

Thanks to improved spray technology, the square Raindance E 300 1-Jet Showerhead measures approximately 12 x 12 inches and generates a voluminous rain shower of full, soft droplets. Spray jets are arranged in a special way to ensure that the body is completely enveloped. The jets at the center of the spray disc are closely positioned for a more powerful spray, making shower time rituals easier, such as thoroughly rinsing out all traces of shampoo. The other jets are more spaced and their gentle spray relaxes the shoulders and upper back. The overhead shower blends elegantly into the bathroom. A wall mount version with a new shower arm that has a flat connection to the overhead shower is also available. When paired together, the showerhead is able to pivot for additional convenience. Both versions are available in chrome or brushed nickel finishes. For those looking for a seamless shower look, hansgrohe’s Raindance E 400 Square 1-Jet Showerhead is the pièce de résistance. Finished entirely in chrome, it elegantly merges into the ceiling, creating a generous shower sky. Both models have available flow rates of 1.8 GPM or 2.0 GPM per minute.

The Raindance E 300 Showerhead can be paired with the complementary Raindance E Showerpipe, which incorporates a handshower holder and a thermostat into an impressive ensemble. High-quality glass covers the surfaces of the showerpipe, including on the thermostat, which doubles as a shelf with ample space for shampoo and other shower accessories. The integrated handshower holder is fully adjustable, connecting directly to the showerpipe, and it can be tilted at various angles for added convenience in the shower. The showerhead and handshower are sold separately from each other allowing the product to be configured to the user’s needs.


Completing the new shower assortment is the ShowerTablet 600 2-Function Exposed Shower Thermostat, the most configurable exposed thermostatic shower mixer in Hansgrohe history. When it is in operation, the mixed water is routed back into the wall, allowing the customized placement of a new Raindance E showerhead, or any showerhead desired. The ShowerTablet can also control a handshower outlet. Exterior surfaces are covered with the same high-quality glass as the showerpipe. The ShowerTablet thermostat is available in chrome, as well as a white/chrome dual finish.

About the Hansgrohe Group – the Original from the Black Forest

With its brands AXOR and hansgrohe, the Hansgrohe Group, based in Schiltach/Southern Germany, enjoys a reputation as a leader in innovation, quality and design within the bath and kitchen industry. The Hansgrohe Group brings form and function to water with taps, showerheads and shower systems. The 117-year history of the company is marked by innovations such as the first hand-held shower with multiple spray types, the first pull-out kitchen tap, and the first wall bar to hold a hand-held shower. The company holds more than 16,000 active property rights. The Hansgrohe Group stands for long-lasting quality products. With 34 subsidiaries and 21 sales offices supplying products in more than 140 countries, the company is a reliable partner to its customers around the world. The Hansgrohe Group, its brands and products have won numerous awards, including more than 500 design prizes since 1974. Sustainable production of resource-conserving products is central to the company’s business activities around the globe. The products of the Hansgrohe Group are featured in projects around the world, such as the luxurious ocean liner Queen Mary 2, and the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The Group’s high quality standards are ensured by five wholly-owned production facilities: two in Germany, one each in France, the United States and China. In 2017, the Hansgrohe Group generated a turnover of EUR 1.077 billion. It employs about 5,000 people worldwide, about 60 percent of whom work in Germany.


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iF Design Leader in the Sanitation Industry

In the current ranking of the International Forum Design (iF) of the best companies in the world for design, the Hansgrohe Group, with its brands AXOR and hansgrohe, ranks 6th among 2,000 listed companies. The 1040 points earned by the Schiltach-based fixtures and shower specialist outperform famous brands such as Audi, BMW or Apple and reconfirm the company’s leading position in the sanitation industry.

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